Wayfinding, Mapping, Information & Graphic Design

To be effective, a way-finding system must be visible, but not obtrusive, distinctive, without being distracting, and present information in an understandable and logical way. The user should understand at a glance what information is being conveyed. The system must also harmonize with the environment it inhabits or it will distract from it’s surroundings. 

At DRXNL we value our time in the outdoors. We are out there year-round biking and hiking the trails in the spring summer & fall, and skiing, both nordic and alpine, when winter sets in. We know the trails, but we realize that others may not. Our goal is to provide consistent and coordinated systems of way-finding, mapping, and interpretive signage that allow all users, new or experienced, young and old, to enjoy the outdoors the way we do. Good way-finding will improve the comfort levels of most users and increase the likelihood that they will have a positive outdoor experience. By providing this experience you can improve the chances that they will return again and again.

Let us be the solution to your way -finding, mapping, and graphical needs. We look forward to hearing from you and for the chance to earn your business. See you on the trails!

                               -DRXNL Studio

We have received many positive comments from the public about our sign systems. Area realtors and businesses are calling to include Dan’s maps in their promotional material.
— Janet Hruby, PE, PTOE - City Engineer, City of Steamboat Springs, CO